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Our Services

Our journeyman mechanics are diversified. There’s nothing we can’t do, so you’ll never be stuck going to different places for different services. When you’re in a bind we can also come to you: our field mechanics and fully-equipped field trucks are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for parts or service. 

Shop Service

Our fully licensed shop can cover all parts, commercial inspections, repairs, rebuilds, painting, and installations. We're your one stop shop for anything with a diesel engine, on the road or off.

Aftermarket Solutions
Aftermarket Solutions

Field Service

Our field mechanic trucks are fully stocked with 5000 lb cranes/pickers, welders, troubleshooting tools, and specialty tools. Our field mechanics are Red Seal certified Journeyman Heavy Duty - Off Road, and all carry first aid, H2S, and WHMIS certifications. In addition to emergency repairs, field trucks can be contracted for short and long term site jobs to meet your needs efficiently. 

Aftermarket Parts

We're in the best location in the world for this industry, but our relationships reach far; with parts regularly sourced from Italy, South Korea and across the United States, we've got all the connections to secure quality and hard-to-source parts.

We pass the Savings on to you

Because our focus is on connections and always seeking the best solutions, we don't keep a big stock on site, and won't try to sell you what's on hand at the expense of what's best. We keep our overhead low so we can pass those savings on to you. 

hard-to-source parts & fast shipping

We'll go to work for you to track down that rare 1967 Caterpillar dozer part, and if we can't get it shipped here, our partners can drive out to get it. We average three-day shipping for non-local parts, but if you need it fast we can also throw your order on a plane to get it next day.

Highest quality guaranteed

No part or component is too big or small; we work with anything that has a diesel engine, on the road or off. We also provide the highest quality wear items for construction equipment, including WearPro.

Contact us for a full list of wear items.

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